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Real Estate Law

Legal representation for all aspects of real estate law in Tennessee and Georgia.

Real Estate Representation

Real Estate Law and Commercial Lending: Our law firm provides assistance, advice and counsel to commercial lenders, owners, developers, tenants and others on all aspects of commercial, retail and residential real estate development, including acquisitions, financing, development and construction, leasing and sales, management and operations, and shopping center law, title law and general business law. We also represent developers of condominiums, planned unit developments, and homeowners associations.

Property or real estate law covers a wide-spectrum field of law, which is regulated by the state and federal statute as well as common law. Most facets of contract law overlap with this law. The terms “real property” and “real estate” are usually used interchangeably, even if several people relate “real estate” more intimately with buildings, land and structures. Real estate/ real property cover more than just the evidently material aspects. It encompasses belongings of land such as immovable structures like trees, minerals, houses, bushes and buildings that are affixed to the land permanently.

Along with these facts, it also consists of the benefits, rights and interests that are lawfully considered to be associated with the real property, which involves certain rights to take actions such as live on the property for certain time duration, drill in the ground, acquire the real property, on permanent basis and so on.