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Legal representation for all aspects of employment law in the Chattanooga area.

Employment Law

Employment law is the scope of law, precedents, and administrative rulings that address the legal rights and privileges of working people in the United States and other developed nations. Employment law acts as the balance of power between an employer and their respective employees. There are two broad categories within Employment law: collective Employment law and individual Employment law.

Our representation of employer clients includes a wide variety of employment matters and related issues.  We have appeared on behalf our of employer clients before both State and Federal Courts and Agencies. Additionally, we have provided counsel to our clients in advance of anticipated or possible complaints and we have assisted in developing strategies to avoid complaints or legal actions asserted against them.  Recent cases in which we have represented our employer clients involve complaints of racial discrimination, retaliatory discharge (including, but not limited to common law and TPPA claims), claims for unpaid overtime pay, and disability discrimination. We represented employers in matters involving complaints of religious discrimination, gender discrimination, national origin/ethnic discrimination, FMLA, ADEA and related common law claims.

As unemployment compensation issues have moved more to the forefront in the face of changing economic conditions, we have had the opportunity to assist our employer clients with involuntary separations and unemployment compensation claim management on a regular basis. We also provide WARN and mini/state WARN Act planning and consultation with consideration and resolution of unemployment issues arising therefrom, which often presents differently from individual and one-time separations.

Further, we have provided counsel and drafting regarding non-compete agreements, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements. We have participated in legal actions seeking to have non-compete agreements, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements enforced against departed employees. This often leads to an action against a potentially offending subsequent employer of the departed employee under a statutory “interference with contract” claim.

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